Caring for medically compromised and vulnerable mouths


Surina Sehgal explains how dental professionals can guarantee a wholesome oral cavity, regardless of sufferers experiencing medically compromised and weak mouths.

In terms of mouths, it’s not simply the enamel which are delicate. The gentle tissues can also grow to be sore or uncomfortable for quite a lot of causes.

Sufferers with medically compromised mouths and in addition these with aphthous ulcers, lichen planus or dry mouth are extra vulnerable to gentle tissue irritation. That is very uncomfortable for the affected person.

Being weak or medically compromised signifies that as healthcare professionals we must always present particular care and consideration when offering therapy or well being recommendation.

Right here I define how mouths can grow to be delicate or weak and the way this hyperlinks to total oral well being. In addition to what we as professionals can do to assist.

Who’s medically compromised/weak?

A number of medical situations and medicines can have an effect on enamel, gums and the gentle tissues of the mouth.

These embrace hypertension, coronary heart illness, diabetes, kidney/lung illness, osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis, most cancers sufferers, being pregnant, consuming issues, sufferers on a number of drugs and lots of extra.

These sufferers are extra vulnerable to growing cavities, periodontal illness and require particular consideration to assist stop these oral ailments.

How does this have an effect on oral well being?

One of many predominant ways in which these ailments can have an effect on our oral well being is thru decreased salivary circulate.

Salivary circulate has a direct hyperlink to balanced oral well being. A commonality in medically compromised sufferers is that they expertise xerostomia (dry mouth) on account of their sickness or as a aspect impact of therapy/remedy.

A dry mouth creates a really perfect setting for pathogenic microorganisms to develop, stay, and multiply. This will additional complicate sufferers’ well being by rising the danger of different inflammatory ailments.

There’s robust analysis to indicate direct links between periodontal disease and systemic health.

With a lower in salivary circulate, there is a rise in pathogenic biofilm. This implies more oral inflammation which in turn links to gum disease, bone loss, tooth loss and caries.

Within the medically compromised affected person’s oral setting, pure remineralisation and safety are diminished on account of lowered free salivary calcium and phosphate ions as a result of decreased salivary production and flow.

Along with the dangers to their oral well being, these sufferers can expertise vital discomfort and soreness. It is a results of lowered lubrication and moisture within the mouth.

Situations of the gentle tissues of the mouth

 Situations particular to the mouth can be a supply of ache and discomfort for some sufferers. The next situations are generally present in an intraoral examination.

Aphthous ulcers

This ulcer is the most typical ulcerative situation of the oral mucosa. It presents as a painful punched out sore on oral mucous membranes. Twenty per cent of the inhabitants have a number of, no less than sometimes.

They could be a manifestation of systemic illness. Nonetheless, the exact reason why an aphthous ulcer develops is unclear.

Kids are additionally vulnerable to mouth ulcers. Analysis reveals those that have a weakened immune system, a number of allergic reactions, excessive stress setting, poor diet, sure remedy can play a part in the development of mouth ulcers.

Lichen planus

It is a power inflammatory situation that impacts 1-2% of the inhabitants. Oral lichen planus presents in different forms: reticular, atrophic/erosive, plaque like and typically is of combined sorts.

Tender tissue irritation can have a detrimental impression on a affected person’s oral hygiene. That is as a result of discomfort of utilizing a toothbrush or sure merchandise within the mouth.

The objective of managing these oral gentle tissue situations is to ease signs for sufferers. And to advocate sure merchandise that may assist enhance their oral hygiene expertise.

How can dentists assist?

Biofilm elimination and management is a vital a part of oral well being. Along with common hygiene visits and common brushing, interdental plaque elimination is important.

Finishing up topical fluoride therapy and recommending sufferers excessive fluoride remedies can assist within the prevention of caries.

Utilizing particular oral care merchandise can be vital to guard the mouths of those that are medically compromised. One ingredient, SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate) needs to be prevented for these with delicate/weak mouths.

SLS is a foaming agent and there are some research to indicate it is a pores and skin irritant for some. It may trigger ’tissue sloughing’ when the pores and skin of the interior cheeks can peel leading to an irritated sensation (Inexperienced et al, 2019).

We will encourage our sufferers to decide on sure oral care merchandise which are useful for oral well being, however take into accounts the oral gentle tissues. Selecting SLS-free merchandise comparable to Zendium toothpaste, is acceptable for delicate mouths. It helps to keep away from pores and skin irritation.

Zendium is a fluoride toothpaste and is each SLS-free and is form to the fragile tissues within the mouth. It incorporates pure enzymes and proteins present in saliva, to help boost the mouth’s natural defences gently yet effectively.

As dentists, it’s our obligation to make sure we’re tailoring our recommendation to a affected person’s particular wants. We should bear in mind their medical historical past, their life-style and situations, which is able to alter our preventative recommendation to them.‌

Dr Surina Sehgal is a dentist at Wallingford Home Dental Follow in Oxfordshire. Comply with her on Instagram @thefoodie_dentist.

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